Finding Myself ~Art in Second Life~

We all find ourselves lost and astray at some point in Second Life. I know I have a few times. It is another existence after all. But this time I am not astray and lost in SL. However I do feel very much this way in real life. I feel anxious and lost and like everything is too heavy and too much. 

This art I have made was for RFL. I have been reading up on RFL and finding out that a lot of the money we donate is not actually going where it should whereas the people in charge make millions a year that does not go to the research and sick. Read this….. its proof of what I am saying and I feel betrayed and if all knew about it maybe changes would be made.

Anyhow, I have decided to make my art series The Lady of the Lake into inspirational Memes instead. Why? Because it makes me feel better and I hope to help everyone feel better too. We all have hard days and some of us suffer anxiety disorder as well. I have known since I was a young child as early as 4 that I was nervous and had issues and social issues with being scared. I remember being sent home from the doc many times with my mom when they would say its just nerves. 

I have learned to manage my problem on my own and do it naturally. Photoshop and art made from Second Life is my medicine. It works for me!!!!

Please click the image to see it larger.

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