Dealing with Douchebags from Second Life

Let’s start with this. Part of the definition of the word douchebag is……..

douchebag – Wiktionary

douchebag (US, slang, vulgar) A jerk or asshole; a mean or rude person; someone seen as being arrogant, snobby or obnoxious. Synonym: douche. That douchebag ruined my shrimp cocktail.

Scenario: Some guy in SL shares things in his group that are anti semitic. Glorifying and/or pulling fun with memes of Hitler. This in turn upsets a friend of mine and he is in her group and showing up at her coffee house. This strikes a nerve and is upsetting because the holocaust was real and family members are jewish. Is it ok to joke in this manner? Even if it’s just memes? —– No.

I mean I know there are conspiracy theorists out there that think the holocaust wasn’t real…. but we don’t like to give these kinds of people attention do we? In Second Life people get so brave behind their computers and get all keyboard warrior without a care how it affects others. Then when someone is upset by it the douchebag could care less right?

This scenario topic was brought up on Virtual Secrets last week. I know one of the people involved because I was there. So, when I saw the post in last weeks rag… I used my anonymous name and plainly said “it is never ok to be anti semitic.”

Well that comment I made created a shit storm with Mr. Douchebag and all his little cohorts. They relentlessly commented back and forth trying to slander me and my friend. Went on for days. This douchebag is all open and uses his real SL name because he wants people to know who he is so he thinks its ok to out me from my anonymous name and then says I can change my name like he has all the right to name and shame when he was the guy who is being the douchebag and thinking it’s ok to be a troll with Hitler memes and directing ire at others.

Ok back to the Scenario…. This week is a new week and like I do every Sunday morning I make my coffee and sit down and open up the new blog post by Virtual Secrets. Why do I do this? Let’s be honest, its entertaining and you get a glimpse into other SL lives and drama and it’s anonymous. So I am reading the memes in this post and I comment because someone posted like several memes all on the same topic to get their post across. So I commented that why not get their point across in ONE meme instead of several?

Well…… Mr. Douchebag can’t help himself and comments to my comment talking about LAST WEEK like he can’t leave me alone and shares more group chat with my name in it and outing my anonymity again…. then all his little cohorts back him up and start slandering me again … none of it has anything to do with this weeks Virtual Secrets at all… just digging at me again because I dareeeeeeee to comment on anything.

Well I think we know who doesn’t have a life here and they are racist anti semitic asshat. They still think it’s ok to share memes glorifying Hitler and upsetting a friend of mine. So yeah I said my piece and that’s all I did… I did it once and that is it. Mr, Douchebag wants his internet fame so here it is for him.. my blog post. But you know what? I will not give his name out. I am not going to give that sort of attention… no one needs to know who he is or what his sim is or his group because let’s be real here…. who wants to be friends with an ass like that? NOONE!!!

How to Deal with a Douchebag in Second Life: MUTE, BLOCK and if need be file a ticket and REPORT them. All of a sudden there is silence 🙂 SILENCE DOUCHEBAG!

Going back and forth with them on Virtual Secrets is entertaining for a few minutes but now it’s old already…. next….. wait for it…… he will comment to this post and give out all his info hoping you will go there to his sim and join his group and try and convince you he was only poking fun and not being serious… but he fucking was being serious or he wouldn’t still be trying to bother me LOLOL….

This is my tip and trick for the day…. Mute… Block…. Derender. … NEXT!!!!! He can go start a Hitler sim if he wants … go on…

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A trolling video I found…..

This type of behavior of Mr. Douchebag has been made the norm by Pres Trump…. like it’s ok to be a racist.

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  1. Orca Flotta says:

    Even worse: These days some of the reactionary douches are turning things around and making you the bad guy we you engage in Antifa. Fuk, all we do is behaving like the good little democrats we are and fighting nazis wherever we find them. At their rallies and protest marches and hate parties. Someone’s gotta do it!

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  2. Mute and derender are two of my favorite features in SL, now if real life could get those that would be awesome!! Also I completely agree with you that it’s never ok to be anti-Semitic or racist or sexist and anyone offended by someone saying that should probably re think their life choices.

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    1. I agree with you. I just wish more people would voice their feelings and instead of just reading mine on that site… no one stepped in on my side at all.


  3. Mr Douchebag says:

    Did you consider the reason that nobody was defending you is you side with a psycho woman and we’re blasting someone you don’t even know


    1. I replied in defence of my friend who I have known for years. You did everything else for attention all on your own. You and your friends all childishly disrespected her and me relentlessly. Do you feel accomplished now? Go find something else to do for popularity now. Bye…. all the rest of your comments will be deleted.


  4. I honestly enjoyed this post specifically because people truly do become keyboard warriors in SL. You’re right, it is the anonymity. Even if someone knows your SL Name, they don’t really know you or who you are. It’s not like in real life, where you think about what you say and to whom because of the fact that you just might get a fist in your face or lose your job. My honest opinion, you get to see a person’s real truth, you see them exactly for who they are or who they would be if there were no consequences. The truest essence of a person. Some are good people, some are not, but it is an interesting study in humanity. I’m sorry this happened but as you said, mute, block, derender. No point in giving them their lulz.

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    1. too true. I agree with you. You never know who people are unless you really do get to know them outside of SL and FB. You might be having keyboard warrior moments with a celebrity or a royal… you never know do you? People need to take care like they do in Real Life. Have some manners.


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