The Romperdales LIVE @ The Fetish! -Second Life-

March 11th, 12 pm SLT – “The Fetish”

The Fetish Landmark

I know, can you believe it? We have the Romperdales performing live here at The Fetish. Delicious, tantalising well-endowed….. you get the picture right? Bring your friends and enjoy with us because this is OPEN ACCESS!

We have three sets with these sexy men and if you have never been to The Fetish before what an amazing way to start with us! We are waiting for you!!

Please read this blog as well for complete information! VIRTUALITY

A note about The Fetish:

The Fetish Sim “Turning self destruction into Art, is an innovative concept that brings together an industrial chic atmosphere with cutting edge AI technology to capture fetish lifestyle desires and indlugences for art, fashion, music and role-play. It offers a unique place that is LGBTQA+ friendly, bringing a new spectacular, absorbing and magical era for Fetish on Second Life. It is the only sim in Second Life which seamlessly integrates fetish, music, fashion, art and avant garde. .

The Fetish Event Experience is a new build visualized and built by MissyChu Von Smokemon (umburdjango69) and Clement Godard using “World Seed by Void Inc.” (viewable on the marketplace) as the rich foundation of this spectacular vision. It offers an unique experience for fashion shows, live performances, themed fetish events and big parties..

The Fetish Lounge Club, designed by Sophie de Saint Phalle, Evelyn O’Hara and DΞX (dexter.kharg) is a new addition to The Fetish. It is a superb avant garde space, chic and decadent and is for small intimate gatherings. It is uniquely located in an abandoned shopping mall. Think ‘The Last of Us’ meets Korova Milkbar and Studio 54.

Its slogan is “Decadence meets Decay” concept and is a white-list-only policy club with exclusve access criteria. The club is designed to gather together teaheads, artists, debutantes, and dandies, rowdy jazz musicians, lost children, hipsters, fashionistas, and ragtime riff-raff. For avatars with charm and talent to burn, whose gaiety and genius make them a living symbol of Second Life. The concept is Turning self-destruction into Art, with deep Freudian death instincts prevailing.

Membership in the VIP Fetish group and white-list access will give members exclusive access to the Lounge Club and special promotions, including limited edition vendor fashion accessories, special VIP promotions including erotic voice readings, erotic hypnosis, invitation-only strip and burlesque shows, erotic art gallery exhibitions, private audiences with a celebrity fetish influencer, small group discussions focusing on fetish/kink with experts, and sneak previews of new fetish fashion designs.

To be added to the White-List, applicants should contact .:Amanda ɴΦғᴜx Magick:. (amandamagick) or Olivia Rizzo in-world. The 10 criteria for the Access List include creativity, talent, avant-garde SL lifestyle, loyalty to the fetish community, engaging personality, slightly crazy or ironic, D/s, kink and fetish entrepreneur or champion, musician, photographer, model, artist, hipster, and sense of humor. Applicants do not need to meet all or most of these criteria, but they are meant to give a feel for the sorts of people the club encourages to apply for access. Membership can be permanent or temporary, and Fetish Management reserves the right to withdraw VIP membership at any time and adjust criteria at their discretion. If White List members are not active in the Lounge Club they will be removed.

Thanks for reading, The Fetish Management. Elon Musk’s Pants are Burning.

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