What Second Life is All About ~Rock the Pink~

People can say what they want about Second Life. They can say it’s a game and it’s not real and everyone is just cartoons. Let them say those things but I am here to tell you something. Real people coming together and working together to raise hundreds of thousands of Linden that translate into thousands of real USD that gets directly sent to cancer research……


Thank you to Phil Kearny, Lynn Wylder and all of Ambrosia Entertainment Group that brought tons of REAL people together to raise this good will towards men and women. It makes my eyes tear up with happiness. You can let those delusional people say what they want about SL… about SL being a game…..

We know what it’s all really about don’t we? I am happy I could be there and donate what I could and so now I am getting the word out the best I can. We all have friends and family that are fighting this huge battle and we love them so much. We are all very lucky to be a part of Second Life.

AEG is a team of great REAL people!

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AEGSL Facebook
AEG Website

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  1. Moz Loordes says:

    Thoroughly agree with you!


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