An Interview in Second Life with Franks Jazz Club

First of all, to make this clear for everyone, Frank’s Jazz Club is NOT affiliated with the former Frank’s establishments in any way shape or form. (Neither is it a direct copy). Four people who loved it very much pulled it together all together for all of the people in SL who missed and truly want the old Frank’s Place feel without all the overkill policing. They kept the Frank’s name because it seems the good thing to do especially for people being able to find it since “Frank’s” is so well known already. Since Franks was figuratively speaking “thrown away in the trash or discarded into the SL ocean,” it seems to them that it’s free reign to start a new one. Why not? Everyone knows it already, so why not? In a business perspective it’s ideal. The traffic is there and it’s real. It’s all the old regulars and more coming in all day long. 

Since my last blog I wrote, one of the owners of the new Frank’s Jazz contacted me since he liked my blog post. Thank You WIlliam Batson for clearing up everything for me. I was able to sit down with 3 of the 4 owners and chat about everything. I didn’t get to talk to JaeSands though but maybe I will later.

The owners are:

MrSinatraFrank –  He is a great builder, he is quiet and enjoys being just one of the guests to enjoy the music.


JaeSands – A live singer/performer in Second Life.  He has charm, wit and wonderful people skills to keep the place fun.

Xtern01 – Owner and creator of the New York, New York clubs and sim, a fabulous sim builder and club personality. (I have met him in the past at New York New York a really great man!)

WilliamBatson –  Owner of APL Audio & APL Streaming, an in world and out audio streaming company and handles all of the technical and audio streaming.

My comment about there being no staff is true. No fashion nazis policing everyone, no script counters, no prim inspectors… etc etc etc…. this is a place to come and enjoy and not worry either. There is a dress code of course: Formal, semiformal and dress to impress. No casual like swimwear or lingerie or harnesses LOL. No dungeon wear or RP wear etc etc etc… The guests are adults and expected to self police. There is no need of the shoot and boot and ask questions later approach. No one wants that do they? However there are policies and people in place to prevent troublemakers and those who seem to think there’s no room in SL for other nice places to enjoy.

I mentioned in my last blog about the music being just radio. Well, not quite. This is a one of a kind all request music stream. It is built by the guests requesting and the mood is set by them. You can request online here (powered by APL) or by clicking the appropriate thing near the DJ area in the club. So the wonderful experience is actually built by the guests and VIPS. The group to join is free, the nice time is free and Frank’s Jazz Club is what the people want. Please feel free to donate to the club to help keep the lights on. There is a team of owners in SL helping to make this place what it is for everyone who wants the best formal experience in SL.

The owners of Oceana, Phat Cat’s Ballroom, Elite Sounds of Jazz and others are all willing to work together to make SL a better place, more fun and more entertaining without the negative old school grudges to hold on to. It doesn’t matter where people choose to go for their nice time in SL but the owners of Frank’s Jazz Club and all who help make it what it is dearly wish that we all help keep the wonderment in SL alive.

Frank’s Jazz Club Landmark.



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  1. (UPDATE) I am putting an update down here because the WP Blocks Editor is having issues and trying to screw up the blog when I go into edit. Ok so……. I am having some negative feedback on Facebook from petty negative people saying this is not an interview. Saying that it is only a publicity stunt and that I am backpedaling from my previous blog. If you think I am backpedaling from the previous blog then you didn’t read the blog right at all and were so negative that you thought I was being negative as well. I was not and only voicing my perspective on what I was actually seeing. If you actually go there you would understand how and why I said what I said. 2ndly this is not a publicity stunt. Franks Jazz Club does not need my publicity at all. Last I went yesterday the traffic was over 58k. They do not need me. The reason I write this blog is because I have stuff to say and I am going to say it. If you don’t like what I have to say that’s on you and maybe you need to recheck yourself on how speak to others on a regular basis on Facebook. It’s too easy to get nasty there since you are behind your computer screen. When you decide to go speak to 3 or 4 owners of an establishment in SL and sit in the middle of several other owners in SL who are successful and get the interesting tidbits sorted out for others and then BLOG IT…… let me know. Until then the negativity you spew is wasted energy and frankly (haha no pun intended) I don’t really give a damn. And to everyone else who reads my blog and actually reads it… I am honored you follow me. Blogging is my passion and relaxing pastime for at least 18 years and 11 of which are on WordPress alone. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL and may 2020 be awesome and much better than 2019.


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